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6 Tips Help You Type Faster on your Smartphone

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So here are 6 Tips to Help You Type Faster on your Smartphone that will incredibly increase your typing speed.

Auto-Correction and Prediction

The default text correction settings in Android already simplify typing messages, but you can make it even more effective by reviewing all the options and reconfiguring them for yourself.

Fast typing: Settings Fast typing: dialing options On Android, go to Settings → Language and Input → Gboard → Text Correction. This option will automatically correct spellings. Almost all of them are enabled by default, but some are more of a hindrance than a help. Go through the list and leave only what you need. Print quickly: Basic settings Fast typing:

If predictive typing is only confusing, and auto-correction slows down typing, feel free to disable them.

Use Continuous Dialing

Android users can significantly speed up their typing speed by taking advantage of the continuous typing feature. The default option allows the user to write anything without moving their hand from phone.  Spaces will be added automatically when you lift your finger.

Set Text Abbreviations

Both Android and iOS can expand pre-assigned abbreviations into words or even whole phrases.  In the same way, using two or three characters, you can enter email addresses, card numbers and other data that are long and difficult to type manually.

So adding a word you can go:

Settings → Language and Input → User Dictionary

You need to click the “Add” button, enter a phrase and come up with an abbreviation for it. Fast typing: Replace text Fast typing: Entering abbreviations On iPhone, a similar menu is found under Settings → General → Keyboard → Text Replacement. To add a shortcut, click on the plus in the upper right corner and type in the text and its abbreviation.

 Enable one-handed Typing

Typing with two hands is faster and easier, but they are not free sometimes. It is even difficult to hold the phone with one hand, much less typing speed. That is why they came up with a special feature in which the keyboard becomes slightly smaller and shifts to the edge of the screen.

To turn it on in Android, you need to hold your finger on the semicolon key, and then on the button with the hand holding the smartphone. The arrow at the edge of the screen allows you to slide the keyboard to the other side of the display, and the Expand icon returns to normal view.

Try a different Keyboard

All mobile operating systems have long-supported alternative keyboards, so you should definitely install several and try typing on them. Additional Features To attract the android user, third-party developers are introducing various features among which there are many interesting ones. For example, handwriting, inserting GIFs, stickers, and more like.

Download Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard Here!

Use dictation (Speak)

Not rely on typing, but voice typing is typing too, right? In some moments, it is easier to dictate a message than to press the keys, constantly getting lost. The Phone will automatically recognize the text, and you just have to click on the send. This dictation feature on the standard Android keyboard is activated by pressing the microphone button. If for some reason it is not there, you can check the option in the keyboard settings.

So we hope 6 Tips Help You Type Faster on your Smartphone will surprisingly work.

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