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10 Apps That Will Turn your Android Phone into a Toolbox

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So here are the collection of 10 Apps That Will Turn your Android Phone into a Toolbox

that helps in your daily life routine.

Now tape measure, sound level meter, metal detector, flashlight and other useful things can be now at your hand.

So let’s Go!


1. Measure

This Google app turns your smartphone into a digital roulette wheel. To do this, it works on the basis of Artificial Intelligence. With a camera, you can measure the distance to a specific point, as well as the length and height of an object.

First, you need to scan the room so that the program detects the horizontal and vertical planes, and then select the measurement mode. If necessary, the lines on the screen can be adjusted manually. The main thing is that the lighting is good, and the work area is not cluttered with unnecessary objects.

Download Measure App Here!

2. Smart Ruler

This simple tape measure is perfect if you need to know the length and width of a screw, coin or flash drive. It is enough to place the object on the screen, and then select the points of the beginning and the end of the measurement.

Download Smart Ruler App Here!

3. Sound Meter

The app shows in decibels how noisy where you are. You can find out the equivalent of any indicator. For example, 30 dB is a whisper, and 72 dB is closer to loud music. Sound Meter is one of the most accurate apps of its kind on Google Play.

Download Sound Meter App Here!

4. Laser Level

With the help of the program, you can measure the angles and find out if there are any irregularities on the surface. Laser Level uses a gyroscope and accelerometer, as well as a smartphone camera. There are several modes that come in handy in almost any situation. For example, during construction work or installing a washing machine.

Download Laser Level App Here!

5. Metal Detector

The application is capable of detecting the presence of metal-based on data on magnetic fields: for this, the sensors of the device are used. So you can search for inconspicuous nails in walls and even pipes underground.

Of course, the program is not as effective as a real metal detector, but it copes with small tasks with a bang.

Download Metal Detector App Here!

6. Flashlight

An excellent flashlight with a simple interface and a number of useful features. For example, there is support for Morse code and strobe effect. You can shine not only with a flash but also with a smartphone screen.

The application is also notable for the fact that, unlike many analogs, it does not require a bunch of permissions.

Download Flashlight App Here!

7. CalcKit: All In One Calculator

A handy calculator and converter for representatives of a wide variety of professions. CalcKit allows you to do both simple and complex electronics-related calculations. The converter supports a range of values, from shoe sizes to fuel efficiency.

Download Calckit App Here!

8. Smart Tools

The program includes many tools – standard and not so much. It has a Morse code converter, a text-to-speech system, and even a dog whistle. More traditional tools include a flashlight, bubble level and voice recorder.

Download Smart Tool App Here!

9. Tool Box

Another all-in-one application that is useful and lightweight. There is a level, sound level meter, magnifier, barcode scanner, protractor and much more. A complete set of tools is available in the paid version.

Download Tool Box App Here!

10. Smart Kit 360

Smart Kit 360 has an advanced level of user interface and a collection of numbers of tools. Among them, there are the usual ones like a level and a compass and not quite standard ones. For example, a heart rate sensor, a light meter and a vibrometer.

Moreover, the application allows you to delete everything unnecessary from the smartphone’s memory.

Download Smart Kit 360 App Here!

So we hope 10 Apps That Will Turn your Android Phone into a Toolbox will make your life Comfortable.

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