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Top 5 Free Torrent (Downloader) Apps for Android

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The torrent App has been around for quite some time not only on laptops and desktops. More than a dozen torrent App for Android has been developed that can be run on tablets and smartphones. In this collection, we’ll take a look at the very best of them.

If we compare the middle of the 2000s and the present, we can say with confidence that now it is much easier to download a file to your phone. In the days of Symbian, torrent Apps, if they existed, were only in their infancy – they simply did not work for most people. Nowadays, many torrent apps have been created for Android, which practically does not differ from similar programs for desktop platforms.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the Top 5 Free Torrent (Downloader) Apps for Android their advantages and disadvantages. This will determine the best application for downloading files. You just have to install it on your smartphone using the Google Play store.

U Torrent Downloader

Most computer users download files using µTorrent. The mobile version of this torrent App is not inferior to the desktop one. First, there is support for downloading a file to a memory card, regardless of the version of the operating system used. Secondly, there is a media player with which you can listen to downloaded music. Third, the app is very powerful. The kernel used here allows you to quickly load even very heavy files. Support for multithreading is provided.

ΜTorrent helps you find the source of your download. There is an adjustment of the download speed. An unnecessary file can be deleted if the operating system allows it. The application is translated into Russian and is distributed in free and paid versions. The latter is ad-free and offers a number of additional options, such as automatic shutdown to conserve battery and shutdown when the download is complete.


  • Intuitive interface.

  • More FIles Same Time

  • Support for magnet links.

  • RSS feed subscriptions to make it easy to download podcasts.

  • Very convenient use on tablets.

  • The presence of a built-in media player.

  • Ability to save torrents to a memory card.


  • The full version is paid.


Another torrent tracker for Android, the name of which many computer users have heard. The mobile application is very popular – at the moment it has been installed by millions of people. The program has implemented quick access to media files, you just have to search for them. The application has an automatic restart, thanks to which the download of the file will be carried out continuously, without annoying interruptions.

Among other useful functions, we note the presence of a battery-saving mode, no restrictions on download speed and file size, as well as the possibility of delayed download. The creators have not forgotten about the built-in media player, which supports not only music but also video.


  • Support for magnet links.

  • Downloading files from BitTorrent partners.

  • Downloading files to a memory card.

  • Fast download speed.

  • The presence of a media player.

  • Automatic reboot.

  • Delayed download function.

  • Intuitive interface.

  • Adjusting the download speed.

  • Simultaneous downloading of several files.


  • The full version is paid.


Popular torrent App with 10 million downloads from Google Play and high user ratings. It has a built-in directory of movies, TV series, and games, and supports Internet file searches through the Google browser. The application is equipped with a media player, which makes it possible to watch the video immediately after downloading. There is support for Magnet links.

The application interface is very simple and convenient, the Russian language is present. MediaGet stands out for a large number of settings that allow you to customize the program the way you need it. You can enable download only via Wi-Fi, autostart after activating the device, download, and distribution only during charging, shut down if the battery charge is below 15%, and many other parameters.


  • Built-in media player.

  • Own catalog of videos and games.

  • Support for magnet links.

  • A wide range of settings.

  • Downloading files to a memory card.

  • There is a download scheduler.


  • The presence of advertising from the developer.


A widely popular torrent App with high ratings and a large number of downloads from the Play Market. It stands out for its wide functionality: in it, you can not only download but also create and post your own torrents. Works with magnet links, trackerless distributions (DHT), RSS support is provided.

The application has the ability to specify the download location – built-in storage or memory card. Downloading files is sequential (streaming), while you can select individual files within the torrent. The Lite version is free and powered by ads posted by the app developer. If you don’t want to watch it, you can purchase the full, paid version of tTorrent.


  • Simple and easy-to-use interface.

  • Creation and placement of torrents.

  • Support for magnet links.

  • Choosing a download location.

  • A wide range of settings for saving battery.

  • Setting up a schedule and restrictions.


  • In-app advertising.


This application is a highly popular free torrent App with wide functionality. Among its features is a built-in music player that allows you to create playlists and listen to music. Video playback is provided during download, and the built-in file manager allows you to view files in internal or external memory and open them, rename, delete or create seeds for distribution.

FrostWire stands out for its simple and user-friendly interface, thanks to which it is convenient to work with it. The built-in search function allows you to search for files by name on a variety of torrent trackers. The application is primarily designed to work with audio and video, but it can also download other content – e-books, images, software, games, etc. The free version contains a lot of ads, but you can turn it off by purchasing the PRO version.


  • Own file manager.

  • Search for torrent trackers.

  • Choice of internal or external memory for downloading files.

  • Download only over Wi-Fi or mobile network.

  • Automatically stop downloading when VPN is disconnected.

  • Watching videos while downloading.

  • A large number of settings – schedule, restrictions, interface, etc.


       In-app advertising can be disabled by purchasing a paid version.


So these Top 5 Free Torrent (Downloader) Apps for Android make your works easy.

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