5 Tips and Tricks Android

5 Tips and Tricks Android For you To Better Enjoy!


We have 5 tips and tricks for android for you To better Enjoy your Mobile. It is common for every operating system to come with some “hidden” functions, which help you to enjoy your device in a more practical and complete way. It’s like that on desktops, and it’s like that on today’s major mobile platforms – including, of course, Android.

The Andriod system recently won a new update and is already in version 5.1 (which keeps the same code name as version 5.0, Lollipop). In this guide 5 Tips and Tricks Android, we will list some of the most interesting hidden features of the mobile software, as well as some small tricks for you to use your gadget even better.

So lets start!

OK, Google

If you installed Google Now Launcher on your device, in addition to a much more attractive look, your device also gained an incredible function: voice commands. When you’re at the device’s home screen, just say “OK, Google” next to the microphone to do a voice search, set an alarm or open an app. For example, you can say “OK, Google” and then ask the assistant to wake you up at 9 am the other day. Or, you can say “OK, Google” and ask him to open a certain application.

Fix screens

You may have thought that, at times, keeping an application pinned to the screen would be ideal, especially to avoid hitting the back keys or going to the home screen from displaying certain content. Well, if you ever imagined something like that, Google too.

As of version 5.0, Android has the option of freezing the screen.

Just go to the system settings (Settings> Security> Screen Fix) and activate this option.

Then, press the Overview button (in the form of a square, which shows all open apps) and then tap on the pin-shaped button. Now, the screen is fixed and only leaves after you press and hold the Back and Overview buttons simultaneously and briefly.

Do not Disturb

Another novelty that debuted in Android 5.0 was the option to disable any notification during a certain period of time. Using the device’s volume control, you can use the “None” option so that no warnings or notifications are issued by the device. If you have those people that you never want to miss any calls or messages from, you can set them as priorities. This way, when activating the “Priority” mode, you silence all other contacts (and also calls from those who are not in your calendar), except them.

Personalized Notifications

Android 5.0 also presents an interesting novelty in the issue of managing notifications. If you have some applications on your device that do not want to see any type of notification, just access the system settings.

(Settings> Sound and notification> App notifications) and set everything individually.

You can override the warnings of only one specific application on your device, leaving it completely silent. This is a legal feature to address the issue of invasive apps, which issue notifications without asking and for which there is no native feature to disable them.

Expanding Notifications

A novelty that also landed on Android in the Lollipop version is the possibility to expand the notifications in order to read a message before even opening the application by which you received it ( WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, Hangouts, and all the rest of the genre). All you have to do is drag the screen down to open the notifications section. There, press a notification and drag it down. This should expand the block in which it is located and you can preview the text sent by your contacts – the same can be done when notifications appear on the lock screen.

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