How to Play a Full GTA 5 on Android

How to Play a Full GTA 5 on Android

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GTA 5 is one of the best-selling Games of all time. Despite the fact that the game was released about 7 years ago, it still remains in the top seller’s thanks to the online mode.

The game is so popular that many players want to Play GTA 5 on their Android devices. But so far there are no mobile phones that can run the game and it has not been ported for them. But GTA 5 can be played using the Steam Link app.

This article provides a step-by-step guide through which players can Play GTA 5 on their mobiles using the Steam Link.

How To Download And Play a Full GTA 5 on Android: Step-By-Step Guide

Steam Link Interface

Follow these steps to use Steam Link on your phone and play GTA 5:

  • Step 1. First, download the Steam Link app on your mobile. Link to a page on  Google Play.

  • Step 2: Next, sync your mobile device to the Steam app on your PC and click the Start Game button.

  • Step 3. The screen will switch to large image mode, which will be displayed on the phone.

  • Step 4: Select GTA 5 from your Steam library and hit the Play button.

Note: To play GTA 5 on a phone, the game must be launched on a computer/laptop screen using Steam (pirates are also possible). Players also need a powerful mobile phone and internet connection. In addition, the PC / laptop and phone must be connected to the network.

You can also connect a pirate downloaded from a torrent, for this you need to add GTA 5 to the Steam library.

Play a Full GTA 5  on Android via PS4 Remote Play App

ps remote play

A couple of interesting videos have appeared on the network showing the gameplay of GTA V on an Android smartphone using the PS4 Remote Play application. At the same time, the control remains quite convenient, to the extent that it is generally possible when playing games on the phone. The graphics and other aspects of the game are absolutely identical to PS4 and Xbox One.

If you are interested in such an experience of playing in, then we give instructions on how to set up a remote connection between a phone and a set-top box.

How to set up: Connect PS4 and mobile phone to the same Wi-Fi connection (home network).

  • Download the PS4 Remote Play APK file for remote access and install it on your Android smartphone.

  • You can play using a wireless Dualshock controller, or by installing a joystick emulator.

  • Open remote control and log into PSN(Playstation Network), enter your username and password.

Note: If you are having difficulty logging into PSN, please use the Chrome browser.

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