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Top 7 Useful and Interesting Apps for Drivers

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The cars we drive today are much closer to a computer than a traditional car. The number of automated functions that were previously only available in premium cars is growing rapidly, and to day functions such as satellite navigation, trip computer or parking assistance can be found even in popular models.

The most interesting thing is that you can use most of the functions offered by car manufacturers, and you do not need to buy a new car at all, as long as you have a smartphone, Internet access, and a few useful applications.

Below you will find 7 Useful and Interesting Apps for Drivers that are available for free and can increase the functionality of your car on the road in ways you never thought possible.

Lets Start!

Google Maps

This application works on maps that are well known to almost every Internet user. Its interface is very intuitive. The app also syncs with Google (a feature any driver accustomed to using Google on their home computer will appreciate) and has an incredibly large database. Google Maps can be used to navigate and update traffic information. If due to an unforeseen event, for example, an accident, you have to change the route, the application will display an alternative route in real-time.

Download Google Maps Here!


One of the largest social media navigation apps used for traffic tracking. Not only will it inform you that you are approaching a traffic jam, but it will also allow you to make changes to the maps and even show you the cheapest petrol stations nearby. In terms of the very mechanism of action, Waze is very similar to Yanosik. Users are often pleasantly surprised by its vast database. One of the more interesting features is map sharing – when someone is waiting for you to arrive, you can send a link to a route map that updates in real-time. The map will open in a browser, which means the other person doesn’t need to install the app.

Download Waze Here!

AutoGuard Blackbox

Basically, this is the “black box” of your car. The app allows you to record the entire driving process, including parameters such as speed and position on the map. You can use it if you want to find your friends on Google Maps and send the entries by email. The app also allows you to make high-quality recordings (1080p), which can be invaluable if you need to provide evidence to the police or the insurer after a traffic accident. The app also provides you with quick access to emergency numbers when needed.

Download AutoGuard Here!


A useful application that allows you to control the amount spent on fuel. Based on GPS data, the app displays statistics such as average fuel consumption or the number of gas stations. All this is displayed in the form of easy-to-read diagrams. If you choose the paid version of the application, diagrams can be automatically sent to your Google Drive or Dropbox. You can also analyze data from more than one vehicle.

Download Fuelio Here!

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This app is for those looking for a used car. Its most valuable feature is the ability to search for the desired car outside the Polish borders – data is also available from other EU countries. has an extensive database of vehicles sold by both owners and dealers throughout the EU.

Download Here!

MyCar Locator

An interesting application that will help you find your car. The application is very useful in large parking lots, unfamiliar streets, in cities you’ve never been to, etc. It is the perfect solution for all forgetful and distracted drivers.

Apps aren’t the only reason why a smartphone is a useful piece of equipment in your car. You can find compatible rearview cameras with your smartphone on the market – you can use them if the car does not have a center display. You can even turn on the heating remotely using your phone. The possibilities of using a smartphone in your car are almost unlimited – you can easily find what works best for your needs.

Download MyCar Locator Here!


One of the most popular apps combining the benefits of satellite navigation with the option to avoid traffic jams and CB radio. More than 1.5 million drivers use this application every month. Yanosik features working speed radars, police cars without decals, speed control and ECR control warnings. All information is transmitted in real-time and is confirmed by all users. The application has a clear and convenient user interface.

Download  Yanosik Here!


We hope these 7 Useful and Interesting Apps for Drivers will boost your Driving performance.

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