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Shooters game have long been considered one of the most popular games. The ratings of new products confirm that shooters are more than interesting for fans of mobile games. Among the games of this genre, there are applications that can be played online or offline, multiplayer games on the network, first-person shooters and 3d shooters for Android.

If you want to download the best shooting games for android.

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Special Forces Group 2

Fans of classic shooters like Counter-Strike should pay attention to Special Forces Group 2. Many different weapons and modes (Classic, Resurrection, Capture the Flag, Zombie Mode, Bomb Mode, Knives Mode, Fight to the Death, Arms Race, Sniper Mode), the confrontation between two teams, as well as recognizable gameplay will not let you get bored in the queue.

Download Special Force Group 2 Here!

Into the Dead 2

Fans of shooters, zombie apocalypse and horror will definitely like Into the Dead 2. The game was a continuation of the first part.

In fact, this is a first-person runner, the purpose of which is to run to a safe zone, and on the way to chop up hundreds of zombies to the right and left.

You are given two types of weapons to choose from, which as you progress can be changed to a more powerful one, as well as a partner – a dog.

Every day the player is invited to go through various quests and tasks. There are no particularly complex storylines that you will have to think about, but the game is ideal if you need to while away an hour or two while waiting for a flight or in line.

Download Into Dead 2 Here!

Standoff 2

A dynamic first person shooter. You choose a team (terrorists or counter-terrorists) and fight enemies. Several elaborate maps, the ability to trade between players and many types of weapons make Standoff 2 one of the most addicting shooters around.

As you play, you earn coins, for which you buy chests, where you can win skins for weapons. In competitive mode, by winning, the player can increase the rank.

On the positive side, the game has a donation system, but it is quite unobtrusive and you can play without investing at all.

Download Standoff 2 Here!

World of Tanks Blitz

Legendary tank top shooter for android. More than 100 million players worldwide, multiplayer, many locations and a variety of tanks (more than 350 unique and exclusive vehicles) – all this makes World of Tanks Blitz one of the most popular online shooters for Android.

Dynamic 7 vs 7 battles in various modes, you can play alone or with friends, also each player can join clans and participate in tournaments.

Of the features, you can single out excellent graphics that automatically adapt to the characteristics of the device.

Download World of Tanks Blitz Here!

World War Heroes

The game is developed on the events of World War 2. You will be able to participate in seven places of the battles of the Second World War. The player has access to four types of military equipment from different countries (Japan, USA, USSR and Germany).

Different types and models of weapons are available for player.

The game has seven modes, team and deadly battles, hardcore (1-2 bullets and you lose). Player can also play as Bomb Disposable Squad Team member. Active players will enjoy daily bonuses, prizes, and tasks.

Download World War Heroes Here!

Modern combat 5

A modern, dynamic shooter with hordes of enemies, a bunch of weapons, ammunition, multiplayer and excellent graphics.

The player has access to a single or team game, you can fight with friends, upgrade your character and weapons.

Despite the high-quality graphics, game is suitable even for smartphones with weak characteristics. The controls are intuitive, and besides, there is an opportunity to customize it for yourself.

The character’s progress is accumulated and summed up in single or team battles, as well as in squad-to-squad battles.

Active players will be delighted with daily events and bonuses

Download Modern Combat 5 Here!

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