Best Roguelike Games Android!

TOP 10 Best Roguelike Games Android!

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Roguelike games are a very special genre that others are unlikely to match in terms of replayability. The random generation of locations, enemies and items make each race absolutely unique. And permanent death forces you to act thoughtfully and carefully because any mistake can be the last for the character. There are quite a few roguelike projects on the phone as well. Especially for lovers of the genre and beginners who want to take communion, we have collected the 10 Best Roguelike Games Android.

Best Roguelike Games Android

1- Dead Cells

In the first place of best Roguelike Games Android is Dead Cells – this is a game ported to mobile phones from a PC, which is immediately noticeable by the high quality of animations and a well-developed plot. Our main character is the result of an unsuccessful alchemical experiment, exploring the sinister nooks and crannies of a mysterious island. In terms of gameplay, this is a perky and rather complex action platformer with a side view. Difficult in the sense that it’s okay to die in Dead Cells. Through death, you will discover new locations, skills, weapons that help you to wade further and further. Dead Cells is a game with gamepad support, so we advise you to connect it, if you have one, it will be much more convenient and fun.

Download Dead Cells Here!

2 – Pixel Dungeon

It would be a blasphemy to rate roguelike games on Android without mentioning a project like Pixel Dungeon. At first glance, this is a simple offline roguelike in every sense. Turn-based mode, pixel graphics, 4 classes, dungeon and loot, depending on the great god of randomness. But behind the external unpretentiousness lies its own charm. This is, all of a sudden, complexity. Moreover, it is often excessive and entirely dependent on chance. Someone will consider this a minus, but the veterans of the genre will only smirk knowingly, because the victory in spite of all the circumstances is the most valuable thing that games in the style of roguelike can give.

Download Pixel Dungeon Here!

3 – Soul Knight

Many new roguelikes for Android have been cleaned up with Soul Knight. This is a cult project, in the world of which revolvers coexist with bows, and laser weapons are balanced by magical lightning. Several classes, generated dungeons, about three hundred types of various weapons of killing all living things, balanced gameplay in both melee and ranged combat – what else is needed for a good roguelike on a smartphone? Is that multiplayer and nice-looking graphics in the form of pretty 2D. All this is present in Soul Knight, so immediately get ready to spend a lot of free time on the game.

Download Soul Knight Here!

4 – Caves

A more classic roguelike than Caves can be considered only projects with graphics in the form of ASCII characters. Large pixels and turn-based mode immediately make it clear what genre you are in. But the setting in Caves is clearly typical – fantasy elements like skeletal monsters and swords as weapons are interestingly diluted with science fiction here. It is absolutely normal to meet technological armor, robots and plasmaguns here. In addition to the ubiquitous randomness, craft takes a significant place in the game. By collecting various resources, you can create special weapons and armor if you get to the crafting station.

Download Caves Here!

5 – Juicy Realm

Juicy Realm throws the player into a colorful cartoon world where various plants dominate with might and main. With the plot, everything is simple: local apples and pears have grown their hands and are trying to nag the backward humanity. Your task is to disassemble them into a fruit salad in the recognizable roguelite style: with randomly generated levels, enemies, weapons and bonuses. In addition to cool graphics, Juicy Realm boasts an interesting multiplayer, races with friends are played much more fun than a single mode. There is a small drawback – the game costs money, but the price is low and fully justifies for the fan that you get.

Download Juicy Realm Here!

6 – Elemental Dungeon

If you like pixelated games, be sure to try Elemental Dungeon. This is a fast-paced Rogue Like RPG with gameplay based on a combination of six different elements: fire, water, earth, lightning, ice and darkness. By combining up to three of them, you can get various destructive spells that allow you to successfully annihilate monsters on the level. Not without classes with their own counters, of which there are also six. The game also has an online component, and cool multiplayer battles can be carried out both against each other and in the form of a joint dungeon passage.

Download Elemental Dungeon Here!

7 – The Greedy Cave

The Greedy Cave is closer to roguelikes in the classic sense. The local lore is built around a fantasy world with a large dungeon full of monsters and treasures. The population, ranging from knights to peasants, arranges campaigns there in order to take out something of value. A small settlement with a market, a smithy, an inn and other important buildings even arose around the cave. You are one of the adventurers who decided to try your luck and get to the main treasure of the dungeon. Turn-based battles, randomness of everything and everyone, unpretentious, but good graphics, in style reminiscent of the infamous Don’t Starve. In general, a worthy addition to the rating of the best roguelikes on Android.

Download Greedy Cave Here!

8 – Look, your Loot!

Mobile roguelikes are not only real-time or turn-based, but also card games. Not a bad representative of the genre – Look, your loot! The gameplay is based on the fact that each conditional level you get a new card layout, where one card is always your hero, and the rest are monsters, bottles of elixirs, coins, weapons, traps and other elements that can, under certain conditions, both simplify and complicate the passage. The character card can be moved to adjacent cards to interact with them, for example, attack enemies or pick up valuable loot. Various heroes, bosses, leveling up and mini-games are included. Best point, you can play without the Internet.

Download Look, your Loot Here!

9 – Pocket Rogues

Pocket Rogues is a pixelated action RPG with roguelike elements, completely sharpened for real-time battles. Frankly, it does not shine with graphics, and the local animations from habit can bleed from the eyes, but this is more than compensated by the driving gameplay. Choose one of the heroes, each of which, as usual, has its own extensive development tree with unique abilities, and go ahead – conquer more and more levels of the dungeon. We’ll have to try, because the enemies here easily give a light to even an experienced gamer. Well, especially for construction lovers, Pocket Rogues brought their own small fortress.

Download Pocket Rogues Here!

10 – Archero

Let’s start the top roguelikes on Android with Archero. This is a casual game in cute cartoon 3D with easy controls. Having got your hands on an archer character, you will have to clear one small location after another. By all the canons of the genre, it is impossible to predict which enemies and bonuses the next level will throw. To successfully overcome obstacles, you will have to combine skills in deadly combinations, upgrade and collect more and more cool weapons. Archero is very beginner-friendly and is great for getting to know the genre for the first time, although experienced gamers may find it boring.

Download Archero Here!

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