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As a genre, arcade games appeared almost 50 years ago, but they still remain on the wave of
popularity. Such games are distinguished by an understandable, predictable plot, the ability to play indefinitely, as well as a lot of all kinds of bonuses and awards.

Simple gameplay and the absence of unexpected plot twists are more than offset by bright graphics and addictive gameplay.
Downloading arcades to your phone is simple, they are suitable for boys and girls, they are free, they work online or offline, and the applications presented below are so different and interesting that any user can choose a game to their liking.
In general, if you are a fan of dynamic, exciting games, then we will help you choose the best arcade games for Android.

Subway surfers

The once very popular game, following the example of which many similar applications have appeared. The gameplay is pretty simple: your character runs away from the angry inspector and his dog, moving between three lanes. While running, you collect various bonuses and dodge obstacles on the way. The coins you earn can be spent on unlocking new characters, tracks, and so on.

Download Subway Surfers here!

Incredible jack

Adventure, arcade game in the style of “Mario”. The protagonist Jack explores seven worlds to save his family. Along the way, Jack solves puzzles and kills monsters. At the end of each level, a boss awaits you, who is easy to defeat, but only at first glance.At first, the game seems simple, but as you progress, the levels become more difficult and longer, in addition to enemies, new obstacles and traps appear. In general, you will not be able to get bore.

Download Incredible jack here!

Fruit Ninja®

An interesting, elementary game that can rightfully be called a time killer. Having tried it once, you get stuck for a long time. Your goal is to score as many points as possible by cutting fruits that appear randomly on the screen, while avoiding bombs. Several modes are available in the game: arcade, zen and classic. Optionally, you can change the background and purchase new blades for in-game bonuses (or for real money).

Download Fruit Ninja® here!

Jelly jump

The simple, relaxing game where you play as a jelly cube. Your goal is to go the distance, jumping over obstacles (beams, slabs), and not crash. Along the way, you need to collect droplets of jelly, from which you can then create a new figure.Special attention should be paid to unobtrusive music and sounds, for example, when jelly gets between the beams.

Download Jelly jump here!


An arcade game with shoot ’em up elements, continuing the classic series of games dedicated to World War II.You are an airplane pilot fighting dangerous enemies and headlong into exciting adventures. In 1945 you have to complete over 100 levels with bosses at the end of each.The game features 16 types of famous combat aircraft from the Second World War, a variety of weapons and equipment.

Download 1945 here!

Red ball 4

An entertaining game that will appeal to both adults and children. You play as a red ball that goes through levels and fights with evil pirate cubes.You are given five lives and three attempts for one life, at the end of each level you will have to fight with the boss – a large cube. Each life is restored within 30 minutes or after watching ads.

Download Red ball 4 here!

Zombie tsunami

An interesting, funny game that will certainly cheer you up. The plot is simple but exciting: you must attack the city, turn the inhabitants into zombies and gather the largest horde.The gameplay is very simple and straightforward, you can control the entire horde of zombies with just one button, the musical accompaniment is also pleasant and causes only positive emotions.For completing the levels, you receive various rewards, there are daily tasks that bring bonuses.

Download Zombie tsunami here!

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