7 Best Android Zombie Games Everyone Should Appreciate

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The zombie theme has been mentioned in the gaming industry for decades. Every year the number of fans of the setting is growing. Demand creates supply, so a huge number of projects about the zombie apocalypse have appeared recently. We prepared a list of the 7 best Android Zombie Games that you will definitely Appreciate about the living dead and is in a hurry to share it with you!

1. Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival

Zero City is an addicting strategy game in the spirit of Fallout Shelter. Its action takes place in a world affected by a zombie virus. After the global chemical disaster that triggered the epidemic, only a small group of survivors remained. They will have to create a prosperous society in the face of a growing threat.

The disease is spreading rapidly, and some infected are evolving. This means that as the shelter develops, you will face different types of opponents. Rebuild new rooms in the underground base, such as the Dining Room, Printing House, Kitchen, etc. Recruit survivors, train them and distribute responsibilities between them. Zero City will delight fans of zombie survivors with a variety of mechanics and, in particular, an exciting process of managing the settlers.

2. Last Day on Earth: Survival

The history of the game dates back to 2027. An outbreak of an unknown infection occurred on Earth, turning almost all of humanity into the walking dead. You are a survivor whose blood was found to be immune to the virus. But can this be considered luck? From now on, you will have to play by the rules of the new world.

Last Day on Earth: Survival combines elements of RPG, action, adventure and survival simulator. The project offers to explore a vast world, gradually develop and improve the character, equip a house, patrol abandoned territories, look for prey, etc. This is a great game that will keep you addicted for hours!

3. Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies

With the release of Call of Duty: Mobile, many have forgotten that the CoD franchise started on mobile with zombie-themed games. Black Ops Zombies came to Android in 2011 and have all the characteristics of the original project. It is a classic zombie mode in which you have to play as four heroes of the Altimis team or a soldier from the single-player campaign.

Each map has unique types of the dead. In “Theater of Death” these are revived Nazis, in “Ascent” – Soviet scientists, and at the final location you will fight back Russian divers and George Romero himself. For fans of cooperative extermination of hordes of ghouls, we advise you to read, even though in 2018 Activision officially stopped supporting the game.

4. Plants Vs. Zombies 2

The continuation of the famous action-strategy game has become even more colorful and varied than its predecessor. In the sequel, you will meet and defeat hordes of zombies from different historical eras.

Embark on an adventure across 11 worlds, each of which will give you upgrades. In locations, in addition to storyline battles, there are branches of bonus levels with specific goals. And of course, new types of ghouls and plants are waiting for you!

Developers from Electronic Arts were able not only to preserve all the positive aspects of the original but also to multiply them by introducing several new mechanics into the second part. We recommend that all fans of the original game and fans of cartoon zombie confrontations familiarize themselves with it.

5. Left to Survive

An ambitious project from My.com BV, which harmoniously combines economic strategy and third-person shooter. Your main task is to develop the camp, where a group of survivors rest, acquire new weapons and equipment, strengthen their defenses against external threats, and also provide new arrivals with shelter and food.

To improve the staging post, you need to extract special resources by going on dangerous hikes. During these sorties, you are invited to take full control of the character. The game provides 3 types of activities with a shooter component:

Story Campaign
Side quests
PvP battles 2v2 and raids on opponents’ Bases.

The developers managed to find a middle ground between all the gameplay aspects, thanks to which Left to Survive keeps the attention of gamers for tens of hours.

6. The Walking Dead

Unlike the rest of our list, this project from Telltale Games focuses on the story, characters and their emotions. In between finding out the relationship with the heroes, Lee Everett, the protagonist of the story, solves various problems faced by the survivors of the zombie apocalypse. He is engaged in gathering provisions, repairing vehicles, finding a place to sleep, fighting the undead, and much more.

The Walking Dead masterfully shifts the focus from simple gameplay to multi-layered, compound drama. The story keeps you in suspense until the very end, and makes you follow the last shots with bated breath! The game will appeal to everyone who has ever wondered what it is like to survive the invasion of the dead for real.

7. Dark Days: Zombie Survival

Dark Days: Survival Horror is a third-person survival simulator in which we will once again face an epidemic of an unknown virus, hordes of zombies and a desperate struggle for existence.

A distinctive feature of Dark Days is the original visual style: drawing in the style of comic art and Borderlands graphics. The rest of the game sticks to familiar gameplay aspects. Build a shelter, gather resources, craft weapons and ammunition. It just so happens that only you can save humanity from final extinction in the harsh world of Dark Days.

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