To Become The Best Player In Standoff 2

How To Become The Best Player In Standoff 2?

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Best Player In Standoff 2

Are you often killed? Effectiveness in combat is low, and is it painful to look at the ratio of kills and deaths? Trying to play cool but failing? To Become The Best Player InĀ  Standoff 2, all you have to do is follow just a few guidelines in this!

Let’s start with the most effective tips!


Tips To Become Best Player In Standoff 2

Here are some general rules on how to move competently in matches:

Train Movement And Shooting

Moving and shooting are the core of the gameplay. And the better you master these basics, the better your chances of winning. All components of these skills can be trained:
Accuracy – on the training ground in the “Training” mode;
Quick maneuvers, tactical moves, and location control – long game sessions.
There are also specific skills. For example, reflexes, which help to respond to the appearance of an object’s insight and sudden movements. They are innate but amenable to minor improvements over long training sessions.

Do not run directly through open space. If you move in this way, you run the risk of being killed with one accurate rifle shot and even a burst. Move-in short dashes from cover to cover or “zigzag“. This will make it harder to hit you.
Keep the crosshair on the aisle you are moving towards. It is important to shoot at the enemy before he opens fire on you. Therefore, do not aim the crosshair at the sky and under your feet – keep it in the center of the view.

Pay Attention To The Minimap

In the upper left corner of the screen, there is a mini-map, which is your faithful “ally” (after teammates, of course). It displays all enemies seen by you or your teammates. If you see a red circle, it means that the enemy is exactly in this place of the location. However, if the minimap shows a red ring, it means that it has moved out of position, and this is the last place it was noticed.
Try to predict the position of the enemy on the battlefield using the data on the mini-map. This will make it easier for you to move and focus.

Haste Is Your Main Enemy!

Most beginners like to play “in the open” – they just run forward, firing a burst of bullets, hoping to shoot at least one opponent. In some cases, they are lucky, but more often than not, one accurate shot of the enemy puts an end to the tactics of “thoughtless pressing”.
As a rule, there is always one player in the team who has torn ahead. Make it with your own “eyes” and remember on the map the positions of the enemies seen by them. The main thing is that you do not become such a player.
Also, after starting the game, carefully observe the movement of allies and choose whether you want to go with them, bypass the point along the flank, or head to another part of the location alone.

Slowness Too!

The main reason for the loss in the team modes of the game Standoff 2 is the fragmentation of the players’ actions. Some run ahead, others lag behind, and as a result, more organized opponents take over.
You shouldn’t rush, but don’t hesitate. The tactic of waiting for the enemy in one place is good, but only if you are playing Arms Race or Arcade. Modes “Plant the Bomb” and “Team Battle” will require you to constantly support your teammates, approaching their positions.

Memorize The Cards

Knowing the maps will allow you to take advantageous positions and control the most dangerous places without hesitation. This is also important when you are left alone against several enemies. Knowing the routes of escape and the tricks that you can use to catch enemies can bring you a few extra frags, and your team – important points.


Use these tips to dramatically improve your Standoff 2 playing skills and become more skilled players. Once you’ve worked on your shooting and movement, learning the maps and the pace of the game, you can move on to more advanced skills and become a true pro in the end!

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