Apps to sleep Better: Check out 5 Must-see Options

Apps to sleep Better: Check out 5 Must-see Options

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Fortunately, there are apps for everything in this world – and sleeping is no different. Check out, below, a list of the best sleeping apps and get your beauty sleep up to date!

Apps for better sleep: the Best Options

Let’s check out the top 5 Sleeping Apps:

Relax Melodies

If you are one of those people who like to sleep with relaxing sounds, this app is ideal. There are more than 400 different sounds that mix between soft music and sounds of nature, in addition to 160 guided meditations to do before resting.

The app is one of the best-rated on the Google Play Store and the App Store. In addition to listening to random tracks, it also works as a kind of “Sleep Spotify”, since you can create your own playlist with the sounds you like to hear the most.

Relax Melodies is free.

Download Relax Melodies Here!

White Noise

White Noise is another very interesting application for those who do not want to have their attention diverted while trying to fall asleep.

Available for Android and iOS for free, it offers several sounds – ranging from the most elaborate to the simplest – such as the noise of rain, airplanes, fans, waterfalls and even hair dryers.

Download White Noise Here!

Tingles ASMR 

Available for Android and iOS, it offers a good repertoire of relaxing sounds that help you fall asleep. In addition, the application also offers audios for “guided relaxation”, a kind of meditation that can be very useful to ensure the quality of sleep.

Download Tingles Here!

Sleep as Android 

Sleep as Android is one of the most widely used sleep apps today.

In addition to relaxing audios and music, it also offers reports of your night’s sleep – which can help you detect possible problems.

The main factor of the application, however, consists of an alarm clock that was developed to monitor your breathing using ultrasonic waves. The anti-snoring function causes the smartphone to vibrate when the user snores too loudly.

The free version is valid for 15 days. Afterward, it is necessary to pay $ 20.99 to continue using the service.

Download Sleep as Andriod Here!


Yes, we know that Lojong is an application designed for meditation. However, it is precisely for this reason that it can help (a lot) in time to sleep better.

With guided meditations in the most varied styles (including mindfulness), Lojong helps to relieve stress and also has a series of “exercises for the mind”, which help to improve attention and cognitive balance.

Thus, in addition to sleeping better, the application can also help you have more quality of life in your daily life.

Download Lojong Here!

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