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Top 5 Android Games With Controller Support

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In just a few years, mobile Games have advanced from the most primitive arcades to large-scale projects with excellent graphics that do not get lost against the background of their counterparts on older platforms. Many excellent titles from PCs and consoles have been ported to Android, but smartphones have and still have their drawbacks, one of which is inconvenient control. External controllers can solve this issue, but well-optimized games for controller support on Android are still not as numerous as we would like.

In this rating, we have collected the best joystick games for Android. All 5 Games have full controller support, so you won’t have any problems with setting up – just plug in a controller and enjoy the Gameplay.

CoD: Mobile

If you’re looking for controller support-focused games, check out Call Of Duty: Mobile, a first-person shooter that sets the bar for the genre. The mobile version continues the tradition of the most popular series of games: top graphics, advanced shooting physics, a wide selection of weapons and equipment, pumping and a bunch of skins for a wide variety of tastes. CoD fans will be pleased to be on familiar maps now on the mobile platform.

The variety of game modes will also please, among which there is a confrontation with hordes of zombies, breathtaking sniper duels and even a royal battle in a classic format for a hundred players. In the process of character development, the player will acquire new trunks, items of equipment and new perks. If you choose a high-quality online shooter, then few will be able to compete with Call of Duty: Mobile.

Download  Call Of Duty Here!

Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey is a soulful platformer that takes you on a journey through various scenic spots. Soar over the dunes, sweep through canyons, jump on balloons against the backdrop of the night sky and distant forgotten cities – there is truly something to admire in Alto’s Odyssey. Meditative gameplay is deceiving in its simplicity, in order to elegantly cope with obstacles you will have to build complex combos.

This is the very case when there is nowhere easier to start, but it is difficult to become a master. Playing without music in Alto’s Odyssey is a very bad idea, as the soundtracks are an integral part of the atmosphere here. There’s even a dedicated Zen mode with minimal difficulty to enjoy a relaxing journey after a busy day.

Download  Alto’s Odyssey  Here!

Asphalt 9

If you have controller support, then there can’t be much arcade racing. Asphalt 9 is one of those. The quality of this game can be seen as soon as you start it. Here you will find almost console-level graphics with picturesque landscapes, a huge fleet of cars with real prototypes, and just furious gameplay. Don’t expect a driving simulator from Asphalt 9, this is more of a survival race in which it is more profitable to have the skill to knock the enemy off the track well than to drive fast.

Racing without tuning is a waste of money, and Asphalt 9 will allow you to customize everything – from the filling to the appearance of the car. And when everything is ready, then you can try your hand at the co-op, competing with other players. Friends can be invited to the team to race and progress together.

Download Asphalt  9  Here!


The fourth place in our top games for Android with controller support is occupied by the action platformer Grimvalor. Its developers were clearly inspired by the Dark Souls series and a dozen other popular RPG games, of which Grimvalor took the best. These are intense fights with monsters, large locations, interesting quests, character leveling and, of course, grind in search of new equipment.

The main feature of souls-like games is also present – battles with bosses, from the complexity of which you really want (but should not) break the controller support. Spice it all up with nice graphics with high-quality animations and quite interesting gameplay designed for thoughtful passage – and the recipe for an excellent game is ready. The plot of Grimvalor is designed for 10 hours of exciting adventure, which is a lot for mobile games.

Download Grimvalor Here!


Undertale. Its plot begins with the fact that the child, for whom you have to play, falls into a pit and finds himself in a mysterious place inhabited by monsters – the Dungeon. The gameplay will be based on interaction with monsters. You will have to fight with the hostile, and make friends with the loyal ones, discovering the peculiarities of the local universe and completing extremely exciting quests.

Download  Undertale Here!

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