An overview of Evernote

Overview of Evernote for Android and its Cool Features


The developers of Evernote say it serves as a brain extension, they’re not wrong. While there are many other online note-taking tools, Evernote stands out for its versatility and cross-platform functionality. Android is one of the platforms where it works and works very well.

You can take and view notes on all your devices (be smart here). I use Evernote heavily on my Android laptop and phone, and I must say that the Evernote app for Android makes it even more useful.

Overview of Evernote for Android

If you haven’t started using Evernote yet, I insist that you give it a try, but I must warn you, I cannot be held responsible if you completely depend on it to remember even the smallest details. Returning to Evernote for Android, let’s see how it lets you take notes in an instant.

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After installing the Evernote app on your Android, you’ll first need to provide your Evernote login credentials. First, when you use the app, it does the initial sync. The application interface is very simple, and all frequently used options are available right on the home screen.

Let’s start by reading the notes you already have in your account. You can tap the All Notes button to see all the notes you have in your account or you can browse them by tags and notebooks.

If you have a lot of notes, click on the search button to find your notes.

In the latest version, you can save your notes on Android to search for them even when you are not connected to the Internet. You can enable this feature in the settings menu, but make sure you have a significant amount of free memory on your device before proceeding.

It’s all about reading notes, now let’s move on to the exciting stuff – taking notes. Unlike most laptops and desktops, Android devices have a built-in camera and a great touchscreen input feature that makes taking notes easy and fun. After you hit the new note button, you can start recording a note by simply writing it down. You can enhance your notes using the options at the end of the screen.

There are options such as adding attachments, taking screenshots, recording your voice, and so on.

One of the best features that I love is the inclusion of Skitch. Another app from Evernote Corporation that allows you to simply draw your notes and add comments and more to an already captured image. When you’re done, click on the star to save the content and sync it online (if you’re connected)

There are many more things you can do with Evernote for Android. Click on the light bulb icon to see amazing things you can do.

Overview of Evernote for Android helps a lot in your daily life routine and you enjoy this!

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