7 Best RPGs Games On Android To Play Right Know

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RPG games are dearly loved by gamers and this particular genre is one of the most popular. Despite the fact that its main representatives usually appear on older platforms, a lot of worthy titles have also appeared on phones lately.
Our today’s rating contains the Best RPGs Games On Android. Most of these Games are free, and easily available on Google Play.

Best RPGs Games On Android


Download: Google Play

Top RPG on Android is torn apart by Eternium – a game in which everything is done according to the canons of the genre. In it, you have to download a character of one of three classes: a magician, a warrior, or a bandit. Level up, farm things, and weapon cut out crowds of monsters, pump partners and move along the storyline, which is tied to travel between worlds.
Eternium has pretty mobile graphics and non-annoying gameplay. You can achieve success in this game without injecting money: the donate system here acts as a cosmetic addition and is completely optional. In addition, Eternium works without the Internet: as soon as you download it to your phone, you can play offline.

Another Eden

Download: Google Play

Another Eden is a gem for jRPG lovers, one of the best RPG games this year.There is a plot, pumping, a large selection of characters. The story tells about time travel and time paradoxes, the epicness of what is happening is added by gorgeous soundtracks from Mitsuda Yasunori, which sometimes goosebumps. The game is free. Recommended for those who want to remember how cool it was to play the first Final Fantasy games on consoles. The similarities between these titles are noticeable to the naked eye.

Pocket Folich 2

Download: Google Play

For fans of unusual games, we recommend checking out Pocket Folich – this is a text RPG on Android, telling about an alternative reality. Folych offers to get used to the shoes of  citizen who survived the fall of a nuclear bomb in 2009 and found himself in the harsh conditions of the post-apocalypse. The player will have to not only pump the character and improve the inventory but also satisfy the basic needs – to eat and drink, so as not to die. Folych’s atmosphere reminds of Stalker and Metro – the same post-Soviet setting, Tsoi on the radio. In general, it is catchy.

Exiled Kingdoms RPG

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Continuing the Exiled Kingdoms rating – an isometric RPG for fans of the first parts of Fallout. The game has two versions: paid and free, and in terms of the amount of content, even the free version wipes the nose of many competitors – 30 locations, 29 complete quests to complete. And they are all different from each other, you do not have to perform the same type of actions like kill 10 chickens and bring 10 feathers. Exiled Kingdoms has a real open world, a lot of loot, skills, guilds, well-thought-out gameplay and an exciting storyline. This is a classic old-school RPG, difficult, but interesting, for such even a couple of hundred rubles, developers do not mind throwing.


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At the equator, we have a selection of the best RPGs for phones with AnimA. This is a classic tabloid with quite modern graphics and the ability to play offline. As with any Action RPG, the focus here is on massive mixing and constant grinding. Most of the time the player will have to deal with the extermination of hordes of monsters, knocking out epic gear, without which it will not be possible to pass the next boss. In general, the good old hack’n’slash with an uncomplicated plot. If you like Path Of Exile and stuff like that, be sure to try it.

The Banner Saga

Download: Google Play

And those for whom the plot is important should check out the Banner Saga. This tactical RPG invites you to go on a journey through the world of Norse mythology, and not alone, but controlling a squad of warriors. The plot of the Saga is non-linear: victories, defeats and decisions made will directly determine the ending of the story. The game has more than 25 playable characters with their own character and skills, you can take seven in a squad, and each combination will have its own gameplay. The graphics are cartoonish, but the well-crafted 2D and the music that Grammy-nominated Austin Wintory has done make the game very atmospheric.

Planescape: Torment

Download: Google Play

Immortal classic. Planescape: Torment is a massive RPG port of the popular PC project. Here the emphasis is on communication with characters and a convoluted story, rather than constant action. You have to play for the Nameless – a mysterious character whose body is covered with scars. He does not remember his past, name and what happened to him. You will travel to different cities and worlds, trying to piece together the puzzle. The setting of the game will appeal to all fantasy lovers with a good plot – it is full of deeply written characters and interesting dialogues, and the local world can be explored endlessly, constantly discovering something new. It is a pity that nothing of the kind is being done now, especially for smartphones.

Enjoy the Best RPGs Games On Android now!

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